A 24-Hour Towing Service

Tow Atlanta, voted Atlanta’s Best Towing Service for 2017, is raising the Standards for 2018 by Introducing Georgia to Enclosed Towing.  The New Standard for the Business and Professional Class Towing Consumer.  This is your best choice for a safe, private and protective towing for your vehicle. 

You can trust Tow Atlanta with their expertise and knowledge for your vehicle’s towing needs because no other towing company in Atlanta has the ongoing training and certifications that our drivers have and continue to receive throughout the year.  Tow Atlanta has the professionalism and dignity to treat each incident with the utmost professional conduct and care for your automobile. 


Another reason Tow Atlanta is your preferred towing company is because no other company in Georgia has the required equipment that we possess to get the job completed right, by the manufacture specifications. Our drivers are continually receiving training throughout the year by the manufactures to stay up to date with the various vehicle needs and issues.  No matter what type of car, it is still your 2nd most expensive purchase you make next to a house.


Tow Atlanta possess the right equipment for the job. No other Towing Company has the Equipment that Tow Atlanta has and uses to complete the task at hand. We have our new Enclosed Tow Truck as well as 3 ultra-low Incline (4%) Roll-Back Tow Trucks that provides the lowest incline-lift that can load a Lamborghini without scraping the ground effects. We strive to get the job completed in a professional and safe manner without damages or issues.  Our Driver-Technicians possess Manufacture Certifications and Tow Operator Certifications with the Tow Recovery Association of America (TRAA). They are recognized as the leader in the Insurance Industry in accreditation standards for proper towing procedures in the towing transport of vehicles. All of this ensures that we avoid damages and mishaps.


In the five-county metro Atlanta area, there are over 100 licensed towing companies to provide towing services.  The Georgia State Law for the minimum Insurance requirement is for a truck to have $50,000 “On-Hook Insurance Coverages.” Most towing companies only have the required minimum coverages. Tow Atlanta has the proper insurance required to tow your property, automobile, including all luxury or exotic vehicles.  We possess $600K on hook coverage to cover anything that we transport.  If you have a Generator, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini or Ferrari worth $400,000, we have the proper insurance to cover your loss if an unfortunate event were to take place such as an accident during the towing/transport.