Choosing the Best Towing Company

If you drive a car, chances are you’ve been in an accident or had a breakdown, so you probably know it can be a real headache choosing a tow company. Most of the time, people don’t make informed decisions when selecting tow services, partly because they are in a compromised position stuck on the side of the road or in the middle of nowhere. It’s a frustrating position, so understandably, people just want to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Choose the Right One

Just like most other types of service, all tow companies are not made alike. It’s easy to find a tow company on the spot, but that does not mean they are reputable or quick. Here are some tips for selecting a quality towing company near Atlanta.

First, make sure you and the passengers are as safely off the road as possible. You may be eager to have things handled, but being too hasty could jeopardize your safety. Once you feel secure, and if you’re in a familiar area, contact friends or family for a recommendation. Although the internet is quick and easy, getting a referral from someone you trust is always going to be the best plan. Even if someone doesn’t know a service to call, they may know of ones to avoid.

Perfect Your Search

Next, if friends and family don’t pan out, contact your insurance agent. Your insurer is sure to have many reputable towing options, although they will most likely be a little pricey. If your insurance is covering the accident, this is a great option to consider so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

If insurance is not an option, it’s time to check the internet. When looking at companies, consider pricing as well as reviews on Yelp or BBB. Check out testimonials thoroughly. You want to make sure you are getting an honest idea of the company and not just the rantings of a single disgruntled customer.

If you have questions on how to better go about choosing a towing service that is right for you or would like to find a company for towing in Atlanta, contact Tow Atlanta for more info.We use heavy duty towing equipment during our towing services. Our tow trucks can do a 3-degree incline for low profile exotics. Tow Atlanta has the lowest profile trucks in Atlanta, GA. Our towing professionals are qualified and experienced to tow exotic and luxury vehicles.

Tow Atlanta was voted Atlanta’s Best Towing Service for 2017, 2018, and again for 2019. We’re ranked by the American Insurance Association in the top 1% of all towing companies operating in the United States,

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