Best Practices to Avoid Damage to Your Vehicle during Towing

If your vehicle is towed, you can do a few simple things to protect your vehicle. For example, hiring a reputable and competent towing service eliminates the risk of your car being damaged while being towed away. However, this doesn’t always guarantee that your car will be safe and sound.

Car owners have always been worried about what could happen to their vehicles when they are towed. Towing your car in today’s fast-paced world is a risk because it takes money and could even damage your vehicle. It’s not fun to have your motor break down on a busy road. In addition, if you hire a towing service that doesn’t have a lot of experience with difficult roadside situations, your broken-down car could be damaged during the towing process.

Here are the best practices you should apply to avoid damage to your vehicle when towing:

1. Make Sure to Put the Car in Neutral

The first step to protecting your car when towed is to put the car in neutral rather than drive or park. This all depends on the towing company and the type of tow truck you hired. For instance, some tow trucks can’t tow a car in drive or park. 

If you are in a situation where you need your car towed in drive or park, you can use the parking brake to make sure your vehicle doesn’t move.

2. Know if Your Car Is Being Towed on a Flatbed or Strapped

Knowing whether or not your car is being towed on a flatbed or strapped is essential because the vehicle could be damaged either way.

If the tow truck driver is towing the car on a flatbed, then there’s no need to worry. However, if the tow truck pulls the car by straps, it’s best to be concerned. Straps are risky to your vehicle because they can be loosened by the car and dropped, damaging the tires and parts of the vehicle. In addition, the straps can be too tight and puncture the tires by the excessive weight of the car.

3. Determine the Type of Transmission in the Car

Another critical factor in protecting your car when being towed is determining the type of transmission in the vehicle. 

There are two types of car transmissions: standard and automatic. If your car has a standard transmission, then the car is at more risk of having damage. Standard transmissions are difficult to tow because their shafts are difficult to disconnect. 

In addition, it’s harder to fit a standard transmission into a tow truck bed and could cause damage to the car. However, if you need your car towed with a standard transmission because it’s the only way to tow your car, then you can use a tow dolly to make the process safer.

Final Words

If you aren’t comfortable with how your car is being towed, you should speak up. If your car is being towed on a flatbed, but straps are towing it, then you should speak up. If you’re uncomfortable with how your car is being towed, then you should ask the driver to put your car in neutral.

Remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your car’s safety. Even if you are scared to ask questions, it’s better to be aware of your towing service’s procedures to anticipate any issues as it’s being towed. 

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