Remember These Tips the Next Time You Need Luxury Car Towing

Luxury car towing can be risky. These cars are worth too much the risk of any damage or scratches. If you’ve ever needed your vehicle towed for repairs, you know it’s not easy on the heartstrings either. Special equipment is required to transport these beauties everywhere they need to go without damaging them any further. Getting into fast-paced traffic is also dangerous because bumping another pricey automobile could lead to costly repairs!

The next time you need towing for exotic vehicles, remember the following tips:

Get a Luxury Car Towing Service

I mean, sure, this deserves a huge “DUH” response. However, in the heat of the moment, any car owner’s top priority is getting the vehicle out of harm’s way, not finding the right tow provider. Supercars, classics, and antique models are all in the same boat: similarly valued but with the same problems. Your classic model isn’t running correctly, or it doesn’t start. You need to get it towed away or home from an event. 

This is where our services come into play—we specialize in these types of vehicles, so we know how to handle them. We specialize in your car because no other service like ours exists.

Never Skip a Background Check

You may not know what luxury car towing company to call, but a quick Google search (like car towing near me) will provide some information about them that you can read. Reviews on their website should help as well. You want to make sure that these customers were satisfied or had no issues getting towed by this company because it could be harmful if there are issues after all once you go into contract with them and they pull your car.

Also, If you’d like to tow your car like this, make sure you use a professional tow truck service instead of trying to do it yourself with a regular truck. Use a truck designed for low-profile vehicles; this will reduce incline angles as much as possible when winching them onto the carrier and protect them from damage on the trip. 

Ask the towing company about their fleet before hiring them; you want to know if they have any trucks designed for low-profile vehicles that will reduce incline angles while tucking the car onto the flatbed and prevent any damage! Remember, you want to get your vehicle safely to the shop for repairs, not add to them en route.

Get a Price Check, Too

If you’re looking for a luxury car towing service, it’s essential to understand the costs of towing an exotic car. Unlike your regular family vehicles, exotic vehicles need special requirements for getting them back on the road again, which often means higher costs. Some tow truck companies take advantage of this fact and charge more than they should be. 

However, you can avoid these problems with a professional tow service, because they treat every call as if it were their first and ensure you will be satisfied with their rates.

Don’t Underestimate Who’s Closest to You

The longer your exotic vehicle is on the road, the longer it remains damaged and unusable. While we did say you should do a careful search earlier, sometimes the best option is luxury car towing services near you. They can get to you and solve the problem faster, too!


When it comes to vehicle logistics, you need a provider that meets your car needs. They’ve got to have equipment capable of handling exotic automobiles and the experience to transport them without further damage. This is why you should never get just any tow service. It’s got to be a luxury car towing service!

Contact Tow Atlanta whenever you need a hand or two on the road. We provide luxury car towing that’s nationally certified by the Recovery Association of America (TRAA) and ranked in the top one percent by the American Insurance Association! Don’t go for anything less. Work with the best — contact us now!

Tow Atlanta was voted Atlanta’s Best Towing Service for 2017, 2018, and again for 2019. We’re ranked by the American Insurance Association in the top 1% of all towing companies operating in the United States,

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