Top Reasons Why Some Semi-Trucks Often Break Down

Semi-trucks are a vital means of transport, especially for the logistics and manufacturing industry. Without them, all of the supplies needed by our community would be held up, stuck in their warehouses until such time that another form of transportation may pick them up to be delivered to our convenience stores, groceries, offices, etc.

All of that said, the importance of semi-trucks can’t be overlooked, much so that their maintenance and care is a vital part of keeping them up and running. Of course, there are times when things may not go according to plan, and they may break down all of a sudden.

You may ask, “How did that even happen? What caused my semi-truck to break down?”

If you are curious to know more, look no further than the following reasons why semi-trucks usually break down.

1. Driving in Areas Where the Road Is Bad

This is one of the most common reasons why semi-trucks are likely to break down, especially if they are driving in areas that have been badly maintained.

Driving on bad roads will most likely result in poor handling for the semi-truck, and this increased risk of being in a dangerous accident is a great reason why to avoid bad roads at all costs.

2. Putting Too Much Weight on the Vehicle

Many people often forget that semi-trucks are not indestructible, that they are vulnerable to structural problems just like any cars out there.

Semi-trucks are built to a specific weight limit, and you need to ensure that they are not exceeding it in any way.

In fact, exceeding its weight limit will affect the life expectancy of the vehicle, especially its frame. It’s even more important to make sure that the semi-truck is not exceeding its weight limit when it is carrying oversize loads.

3. Poor Maintenance

Another reason why semi-trucks can break down is that they are poorly maintained.

For example, if the engine has been poorly maintained without being oiled regularly, it can experience engine seizure. This is because the engine will not work as it is supposed to, and this can also cause your semi-truck to overheat or even explode.

4. Using the Wrong Type of Fuel

Using the wrong type of fuel for your semi-truck can also cause it to break down.

In the United States, there are many different types of diesel fuel out there, but only a handful of those are right for your semi-truck.

In fact, using the wrong type of fuel can even damage your semi-truck’s engine, causing it to overheat. This may lead to massive engine damage, which could prove to be expensive to fix.

5. Incorrect and Unnecessary Repairs

Lastly, another reason why semi-trucks may break down is due to unnecessary repairs.

You have to remember that your semi-truck is your livelihood, and you need to take it to individuals who will perform semi-truck repairs.

If you take your semi-truck to an individual who can’t properly fix it, it may end up breaking down more often and costing you more money on repairs.

If you need to find a semi-truck repair service, it is a great idea to look for local shops and dealers who can work on your specific make and model.


As you can see, there are a number of reasons why semi-trucks may have their own mechanical issues. Most of the time, these issues can affect their overall life expectancy, especially when they don’t receive proper care.

Therefore, it is crucial that you properly maintain your semi-truck, especially if you plan on using it in a long-term situation. Take note of our tips above and see to it that you are able to avoid any of the negative pointers from our examples to extend your semi-truck’s lifespan.

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