5 Unfortunate Instances on the Road That Indicate Tow Scams

Anything can happen while on the road, and some events can be quite good. However, for the more unfortunate ones with a flat tire or a faulty engine, a tow truck would be necessary to bring your car to the repair shop for your peace of mind.

Unfortunately, it’s important to recognize that not all help is truly what they appear to be. Scams are happening more and more often these days, so it’s important to be vigilant. Having the number of a reliable tow company in your area is also ideal to avoid dealing with anybody sketchy.

Here are some instances that would indicate a possible tow scam:

1) When There’s a Surprise Offer

A “tow truck” may stop by and offer help for free. This can seem like quite a generous offer, but oftentimes, you’re then charged for higher costs than what you would’ve paid for an actual towing service.

It’s not uncommon for tow truck operators to take advantage of unsuspecting motorists. A great way to avoid being tricked by a free tow truck is to ask for a written estimate or to just let the opportunity pass by, seeking a legitimate service instead.

2) When They’re Insistent with Their Shop

When you’re stranded on the road, it’s easy to want to call any service that can help you fix your car way faster than you could do it on your own. But being pressured into an unfamiliar shop that a tow truck claims to be theirs can be quite risky.

If you go and take this route and also pay for the expenses, you might then find yourself in an even worse condition than you expected. Be much more careful, especially for operators that are more unfriendly than others.

3) When They’re Persistent for Insurance Info

Another dangerous tow truck scam is when the driver insists that you tell them about your insurance and ID. A genuine tow truck service would never forcefully solicit such information from you right on the spot.

It’s easy to see why these people would want this information. Some tow truck drivers may use this opportunity to check your insurance for them to claim that your vehicle was damaged by their driving and then get the money from your insurance policy.

4) When They’re Taking the Car Hostage

Some tow truck operators may have the intention of stealing your vehicle for the reward money or taking your car hostage for you to pay them directly. There’s also a scenario where the tow truck operator in charge of impounding your car, then they could drive the vehicle down a busy street while the police would try to pursue them. 

5) When They’re Hiring a Middleman

Another way tow trucks can prey on you is by hiring a middleman to deal with you and extort money for the supposed services that you’re going to receive. This person will most likely appear friendly and trustworthy, but they’re the ones who are going to scam you for the so-called tow truck service that’ll never appear.


Always keep in mind that there are people out there who are ready to take advantage of you when you’re most vulnerable. However, with the right amount of awareness, you’re able to prevent these unfortunate events from happening.

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