3 Tips for Safety: Loading and Unloading Cars on a Tow Truck

As it turns out, inadequately loaded towed autos are to blame for several collisions. Although a rookie tow operator may not hesitate to load a trailer without thinking, loading towed vehicles is an exact science.

Even if you follow all towing vehicle operating guidelines, poor loading may cause your vehicle to flip over. Given these options, you should plan your loading strategy ahead of time.

The items in tow may attempt to continue in the same direction if your vehicle comes to a quick stop or makes an abrupt turn, resulting in loss or damage. Furthermore, while your brakes may safely stop your car, imbalanced weights may cause the towed vehicle to react dangerously.

Moreover, unloading towed vehicles requires some thought, and it may not be as straightforward as you think. There are helpful rules for loading and unloading towed vehicles to avoid driving errors and other issues.

1. Use Tow Straps

A tow strap is a material that connects your towed vehicle to your towing truck. It’s an essential accessory, especially if your car is not powerful enough to haul the towed vehicle on its own. Using a tow strap is the easiest way to load your towed cars. 

It is highly recommended for tow truck operators of all experience levels. Use it to hook your vehicle to your towing car. As you drive down the road, what you’ve loaded will settle into place.

2. Understand Weight Capacity

Understanding the weight capacity of your towing vehicle is vital before hauling any car. Simply put, weight capacity is the amount of weight that your towing vehicle can handle before braking mechanisms are potentially compromised.

You should never load your towed vehicle with more weight than your car can handle. If you do, your brakes might fail, and you could lose control of your towing vehicle, causing a collision.

3. Know Where to Park

Parking is an essential element of hauling a towed vehicle. If you park your towing car at an incorrect angle or fail to park correctly before heading off, your vehicle can be blown off the road by heavy winds or even slide off the road.

In addition to the road conditions, your vehicle’s braking mechanism is also affected by the towing angle. It could be severely compromised, which could lead to an accident.


Knowing how to load towed vehicles is crucial. Motion is dangerous when you’re hauling goods across the country, and you must always be ready for the unexpected. Before unloading, ensure that loads have not changed during transit and are not prone to move or fall when restraints are removed.

Finally, towing a vehicle may appear straightforward but is a complicated and demanding task. Most towing businesses’ powerful and substantial tow trucks make it seem simple, but the actual job is to load the vehicle into the tow truck without damaging it.

Delegating the duty to professionals is a good idea. They will use all available equipment to unload the truck carefully.

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