About Tow Atlanta

Tow Atlanta voted “Atlanta’s Best Towing Service for 2017, 2018 and again for 2019". We are ranked by the American Insurance Association to be in the top 1% of all Towing Companies Operating in the United States, meaning we offer the best performance ratings. The Insurance Industry knows because they process all the insurance claims that happen with other Towing Companies.

All of our Tow Operator/Technicians are Manufacturer Trained by the major automotive makers and some are Nationally Certified Tow Operators with the Tow Recovery Association of America (TRAA), whom has the highest standards for services & conduct in the United States.

What makes us the most trusted Tow Provider is our training, conduct, high professionalism, and the ability to help the motorist feel secure in a troubled situation with the utmost privacy and confidentially they may need.

Automotive Manufactures, Banks and Finance Companies use Tow Atlanta because of our skills and the level of service that we provide along with providing $600,000 on-hook/cargo coverage for every tow and can up the needed coverage with a telephone call. Therefore, no task is to big nor to small. Most people look at company reviews, but that does not always give a clear picture.

He is a list of Partners & Events we are associated with:

  • Official Tow Provider for the largest Car Show in the U.S., “Caffeine and Octane.” that is aired on NBCS and seen in 28 different countries.
  • Official Tow Provider and Proud Sponsor of the Atlanta Concours d’ Elegance for 2019 and have been a sponsor for the past shows of 2016, 2017 and 2018;
  • Official Roadside Service and Tow Provider for Merlin Auto Group;
  • Official Tow Provider for Butler Tire;
  • Manufacture Roadside Tow Service Provider for Audi;
  • Manufacture Roadside Tow Service Provider for Bentley;
  • Manufacture Roadside Tow Service Provider for Lamborghini;
  • Manufacture Roadside Tow Service Provider for McLaren;
  • Manufacture Roadside Service and Tow Provider for Ferrari & Maserati;
  • Manufacture Roadside Assistance Tow Provider for Porsche USA, Porsche Atlanta;
  • The only Tesla Factory Certified Tow Provider in the State of Georgia;
  • Official Tow Provider for Magnum Collision and Sports and Imports Collision;
  • Official Tow Provider for Georgia Street Rod Association and other Metro Atlanta Car Clubs;

We are the foremost experts in the United States with Towing Luxury & Exotic and Antique Automobiles however, we are trained & equipped to tow anything and everything.  We possess the United States Department of Transportation T.I.M.S. Certification required to respond to traffic accidents & incidents on Federal/State Roadways.  No other Tow Provider has our expertise or standard equipment that we carry on our trucks, making us able to complete almost any situation with our arrival on the scene.  For your convenience, we work with most roadside assistance and insurance carriers to help get the job completed.

In the five-county metro Atlanta area, there are over 100 licensed towing companies to provide towing services.  The Georgia State Law for the minimum Insurance requirement is for a truck to have $50,000 “On-Hook Insurance Coverages.” Most towing companies only have the required minimum coverages. Tow Atlanta has the proper insurance required to tow your property, automobile, including all luxury or exotic vehicles.  We possess $600K on hook coverage to cover anything that we transport.  If you have a Generator, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini or Ferrari worth $400,000, we have the proper insurance to cover your loss if an unfortunate event were to take place such as an accident during the towing/transport.

All Drivers have completed Background Checks, Possess Manufacture Certifications and National Certifications;

All Trucks have Pro-Vison 4-Camera System documenting activities of the Tow;

We Possess $600K On-hook/Cargo Insurance Coverage;